So my newest old obsession is My Little Pony. I’ve been collecting these plastic pieces of magic since 2006 – but is wasn’t until sometime last year that they were redone by one of my most respected animators, Lauren Faust. The new design of MLP, which I’m sure you’ve all heard of thanks to it’s internet meme sensation (yes, I’m marrying a Brony), is pretty much the best thing to happen to cartoons since television was invented. Upon seeing the new designs over a year ago, I felt like Hasbro itself was say “Hey Dani… we’re sorry for screwing up for so long. Here, we made you this.”

Anyway, here are some of my My Little Pony fan arts for you to enjoy.


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Its been too long.

Its true, I’ve been out of the world for quite some time. I still make art, and I still illustrate, but something keeps me from updating this website. My portfolio is still intact. But a lot of my work is craft based right now, as I am teaching afternoon Pre School and Kindergarten art. Children give me such a purpose when it comes to art that I just didn’t have while I was an undergrad. I spent the last school year interning at various Maine public schools through MECA’s Art Education program – and although it was admitably one of the hardest years of my life, it was certainly one of the most worthwhile. My career is on track – I know now that I can have a stable job while still making my artwork – and that job doesn’t have to be jockeying a register for minimum wage.

My passion right now is introducing my kids to real art – things they wouldn’t see in your average kidnergarten. I have the awesome advantage of working at a private school, built loosely around the Reggio Emelia approach to teaching. Here is a great example of some of my student’s work with Picasso portraits:

Keep in mind this talented bunch are only 4 and 5 years old! This project was done around Thanksgiving. I will have to come back with some more recent pictures of their little masterpieces.

Teaching art is very special to me, and working with this age group keeps me always thinking about what the best art road to take them on will be. I have also learned to be patient patient patient! And I often find myself channeling my father, who taught me how to draw when I was this age. I wish he could see the work I’m doing with these guys.

As for my own art, it hasn’t completely disappeared. Are you wondering where the Bubble Factory might be? Well, its still in my head. Its still here. I’m working on something very special, at this very moment. Its too special to share with anyone quite yet. But it will be fabulous.

Outside of the Bubble Factory, I have a lot of other crafty things to be up to – my world is consumed with wedding planning! Our invitations are completely handmade, and are taking a lot of my free time. I’m also crafting the centerpieces, the programs, coordinating color, decoration, and all the little detail. If I didn’t love the job I have, I would consider going into wedding planning as a profession!

I wont promise to be updating this blog more often. I probably wont, really. But its nice to give a little update, right?

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Chicago Comic Con!

Here are a few pictures from Chicago Comic Con! It was a great experience and a whole lot of fun with my favorite people, buuuuuut, I hope to never make such a car journey again. @_@

Lookit all those Bunnies!!!!

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Laminating Machine = Coolest Trick Evar

While browsing stores on the hunt for some kind of plastic cover (think comic book protector, only bigger), Brendan and I stumbled upon the newest addition to our crafty family – the laminating machine. She is small, efficient, and HOT HOT HOT!

We are preparing for the ultimate journey into the unknown, which is going to Chicago Comic Con with Megan as her associates for GraveYard Shift Studios! I’m so excited I might just die. 😛

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Worked on this the last few days, thought I’d share. Megan let me install her copy of CS3, which was a huge upgrade from the Photoshop7 I’ve been using for over six years. Its amazing! Such a change. Anyway, enjoy.

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Precious New Tablet

I graduated high school in 2005, and pending my first year at MECA, my father gifted me with my Wacom Tablet as a graduation gift. It lasted me all through MECA, and this last year after it. It was my best buddy, my most precious possession. It was a little beat up, but it did the job beautifully. Sadly, last week, I had left the tablet on the trunk I use as a computer desk, and I had misjudged my wonderful cat. Mia likes to push things off counters. All the time. Anything. And the massive smashing sound I heard from the other room was in fact my tablet, which was destroyed. The last nail in the coffin of its poor beat up existence. It had a long life of five years. ❤

So to Ebay I went! And Ebay was successful! I feel very lucky to have found THE EXACT SAME TABLET, in a new pearly white color (as opposed to the blue that I had), barely used, and I won a late night auction for the low price of 47.00. SCORE. She came in today – my beautiful, new new tablet. The little sister of my first one. 🙂

I made this today to test her out.

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Pinup and Pokemans

Today I finished the Pokemon image I’d been working on. Its pretty big, and took some time, but it was fun to chip at little by little.  I’ve captioned it for you:

Can I Ride Too?

Started sketching some pin up style work also, and this is the one I ended up scanning and playing around with. As usual, I used some of my favorite colors, and I’m pretty happy with the outcome:

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