My name is Dani Lee Evans, soon to be Dani Lee Croasdale. I have a BFA from the Maine College of Art in Illustration, and a Post-Bac in Art Education. I work as a Pre-K and Kindergarten Art Teacher, and I made crafts and art in my spare time.

So here’s the story of the Bubble Factory. In the spring of 2007,  I was walking around the Old Port  when I  discovered a strange looking creature by the name of Lobotomy Bunny. Through him, I was introduced to the portal which lead to The Bubble Factory, the Bunny’s home world, and have been working hard to bring the knowledge of said place to the general public ever since. This has resulted in a few short stories, some comics, and a self-published novella which I keep hidden in my closet. Keep watch tho – there’s something awesome brewing!


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