School, and Pokadiction

My life’s been a little slow on the art front, but only in terms of finished pieces. I’ve been sketching pretty much every day, in class, or while Brendan works on his portfolio – seeing him work so hard inspires me to do my own work. Other than that, I’ve been getting my Etsy store back into production, which can be found here.

This one was named “Queen of Hearts,” and she was one of my favorites. She sold to a very old friend of mine, which makes me glad. Most of my sales come from complete strangers all over the country, most of whom I never know more about than their shipping address. Its nice to once and while know where these bunnies end up, and when they end up with special people in my life it becomes all the more amazing.

I started this school year at SMCC thinking some business classes would be right for helping me start some kind of entrepreneurship  – I was very wrong. The program was basically a giant launching field for becoming the store manager of a Rite Aid, which, having been a supervisor and an Assistant Manager in the past, was NOT what I was after. Second semester I abandoned this path and, having no idea what I wanted to do or why, I took several liberal arts courses – including “Introduction to Teaching.” After some thought and some classes, I might have finally found the right path for me. Teaching.

And this, I am pleased to say, is what I will be doing next school year. I have been accepted into MECA’s Post Bachellorette in Art Education program and I feel like I haven’t been this excited to attend school since I got into MECA in the first place, five years ago. I have no disillusions about how intense the program will be- I’ve heard some pretty rough tales, but it is very much something I want to be doing, and thanks to the class I’ve been taking over at SMCC I feel like I have a pretty solid head start.

As far as fun goes, I’ve always been a little addicted to Pokemon.

I played as a kid, but when I was finally gifted a Nintendo DS a couple years ago, the first game I got was Pokemon Pearl. I played through it a couple times, but there’s only so much you can do with it until it becomes repetitive. Luckily, the newest game came out a few weeks ago – Pokemon Soul Silver, and I gobbled it up the day after it was released. I’ve been playing ever since, and I’m currently working on a pretty epic illustration to go along with my gaming adventures. Above is my Luxray, who followed me over from my old game into the new one.

Keep checking back for more Pokemans illustrations! (I REFUSE to grow up!)


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On Revamping

I always feel like a piece is never finished until its in print somewhere, or hanging on someone’s wall. Since I am revamping my Bubble Factory book, I have been going back into some of the old illustrations I plan on keeping and revamping them as well. Thursday’s style has changed a little since I was working on her a year ago, and she needed some tweaking as well as some changing of the bunneh. I also wanted to take the advice of a one Rob Sullivan and start inserting more of the watercolor back drops. Here are some the updated versions:

As far as those go, I’ve also been working on new spreads. This one is my favorite:

And this one, which I struggled with for a while but finally made a great finished version of, is Brendan’s favorite.

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The Klubhaus

This has been coming for a while now. You shouldn’t really be surprised.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, my place of residence has been lovingly called “the Klubhaus” since around this time last year. It became the place of refuge for many of our MECA illustrators last winter (hence the play on the name – ie: Bauhaus), and then eventually just became the place to be on Saturday nights. We spend our weekdays trying hard not to bash in our heads from the crappy retail jobs or community colleges we attend, and spend our weekends raising hell. Well, not really. We’re more talk than anything, and we like to fancy ourselves a house of Art as well as a house of fun (or club), since we house two artists and our walls are mostly covered in eye candy and our drawing board becomes the center of attention once a week.

Anyhoo, so then we started watching Sons of Anarchy and well it was all down hill from there.

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Resident Bunneh

I started working on this one back in October, and yeah, I’ve just now gotten around to finishing it. Whoop.

I’m not even a big Resident Evil fan, but I can’t resist the need to draw Zombie Bunnehs. The Resident Evil love belongs entirely to my wonderful Fiance, who happens to be fighting off Zombunnehs beside me in this picture. ❤ (full view on Portfolio page)

Been working slowly on my book still, but nothing’s finalized quite yet. Here’s some line art of the character Harmony, an incredibly powerful being whose whole existence is based around the workings of the Bubble Factory.

I’ve been drawing a lot of deer to get the right gesture right, and its starting to kick in. Deer legs are like stilts, and I find that when I try to give them too much detail, I lose the idea I’m going for. It took me almost a year to finally design Harmony, and I’m quite proud of her. I’ve cycled through idea after idea, sketch after sketch, and nothing ever seemed right. No matter how many different animals I decided to try her out in, nothing was ever right. She was like a shapeless ghost in my mind, such a powerful character to the story, and when she finally came to me I felt like I was finally at peace with this war of a character design. Why had I never thought to use a deer before? Simple: the story’s villain is also a deer.

Here’s a practice color version of the sketch I posted a few weeks back, of Discord threatening Thursday and Lobotomy Bunneh. It’s not my general coloring style, but I like to practice with this kind of work to get my hand used to the tablet again. I attacked this without adding any line art, another jump for me.

We’re a regular studio factory over here at the home we call The Klubhaus. Brendan’s been back to drawing, and I’ve been trying to pump out good work when I’m not keeping up with classes. I find it very strange to have strictly academic classes after being in art school for so long, but its still a nice change of pace. I guess I’m just a life time student. 🙂

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What’s Up?

A scene from early in the story, in which Thursday finds Lobotomy Bunneh resting on the side walk in self-loathing. The flavor text here would be “I think… I lost my brain.”

Been on a pretty big musical kick the last few weeks. Has anyone seen the new movie Nine, with pretty much everyone you’ve ever loved in the cast? The story hits me pretty close to home, but I cant stop listening to the soundtrack. Ug, so good. Makes me want to watch Chicago again, too. These kind of things inspire me a great deal, so I’m glad I have them around.

I’m getting together the bits and pieces of an application I’m going to send off to MECA for their Art Education program. SMCC is nice, but it’s not going to fit in with my time frame or what I want to be doing after this semester. Once I’m teacher certified at least then I can get a job I’ll enjoy, and I wont have to slave away to retail ever again. After that I’ll see what direction I’m headed in. If anyone knows anything about this program please pass on the information, I’d appreciate it.

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Back to work, Back to work!

My New Years resolution is simple: get back to work! This time last year I was jumping head first into my Thesis project at MECA; a 32 page story book of the Bubble Factory. It was rushed, and because of a million other things happening all at the same time, it wasn’t the exact outcome that I had wanted. I was happy with it at the time, but now I want to take another stab at it, so here I go.

The story is being re-written, most of the images are getting recycled, and the format will be a little different. I wrote down a lot of really great feedback from my end of semester review last spring (thanks to Rob Sullivan and Jamie Hogan), and I’m working with things accordingly.

This isnt the final, but its really close: just wanted to share with you all my first finished page for the book since I considered it done the first time. No text will be added.

This scene occurs after Thursday and Lobotomy Bunneh return to the bunneh village only to find it completely drained of its color and happiness. The bunneh’s are sad, sick, and slow, and there isn’t a drop of joy to be found. Thursday and LB are appalled; who could have done such a thing? Where do they go from here? You’ll have to stay tuned. (click image for bigger version)

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Something I’ve been doodling with. More like a little warm up drawing, although it came out a little more finalized than I had intended.

Also felt like posting a sketch, and settled on this  for one of the page spreads to my second edition of Lobotomy Bunneh’s Bubble Factory; Part One.

Been having a beyond rough time lately. Drawing is all I can do to keep myself sane. Hopefully some good will come out of it all.

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